Many times we have been asked "What kind of lawyer are you?", "What is your specialization?”. Attorney-at-law, as a lawyer, should be educated in all segments of law. The title "JUDr.” means the doctor of both laws, i.e. private law and public law. We hope we will be able to set up a claim to Your rights as well as Your interests protected by law in all areas of law.


As a law firm we are mainly active in these segments of law:


  • Commercial law: business company law, establishment, modifications and cessation of business  companies, establishment of business companies abroad, cession of shares, contract law, factoring and forfeiting
  • Land law: Ownership of land in Slovakia has gone through a turbulent historical evolvement. Thanks to wide professional experiences of our law firm in this specific field, we have succeeded in formulating solutions of complicated legal problems concerning land ownership in various cases of land  heritage and land possession problems etc.
  • Compensatory damages: monetary compensation for injuries suffered at either work or a car accident. All expenses connected with the application of compensation in our law firm will be claimed directly from the entity providing the compensation.
  • Civil Law: consumer protection, personality protection, real property issues, law of succession, contract and action preparation, personal data protection,
  • Tourism: We are  one a few law firms specializing in this field, and we are already providing our legal services for one of the biggest tour operators in Slovakia.
  • Family law: divorce, child support exaction, division of community as well as separate property, child custody
  • Intellectual property rights: copyrights, patent-rights
  • Labor Law
  • Case law
  • Mediation: the attempt to settle a legal dispute without taking the action to the court
  • Criminal Law


"Scire leges non hoc est, verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem."

"To know the laws is not to be familiar with their phraseology, but with their force and effect."

(Saying from the times of ancient Rome)


We will also attempt to help you in any other specific areas in the spirit of this ancient Rome saying. For cases such as this, we might need some time for detailed analysis of the phraseology of the respective laws or other minor acts.

The Attorney, for his activities, often needs to cooperate with experts, interpreters, notaries and various other entities who may also be abroad. Thanks to our cooperation with foreign law firms we are able to protect your rights and interests beyond the borders of Slovakia, particularly in Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Greece and Cyprus. We speak English, Hungarian and Greek in our law firm.